That’s right! Its time for the PowderWhore film, Television, showings in both Aspen and Glenwood.

As the last stop on their Colorado tour, the Belly Up in Aspen will host the movie on Friday night, and the Glenwood Springs Rec Center will be the location for the Saturday night viewing.

Tickets are $10 for both shows and the show in Glenwood Springs will have FREE beer from Big Sky Brewing!

Aspen show time = 7pm and doors open at 6pm

Glenwood show time = 7:30pm

See ya there!


Ok, not an complete office exchange, but this past week Jonathan, Kara & I headed north to visit our WY co-workers.

We embraced the tourist roll for a little on-mountain, around-n-about town, & backcountry fun:

, , ,

We did of course spend quite a few hours at the sister office…noting some differences:

1. we may have a kegorator & ping pong table, but they have:



This call out may not be obvious, allow me to clarify: solo office space complete with gnome collections & donuts daily (already consumed, but size described by Mike’s hand gesture)

Thanks for a fabulous week BBM-JH!

Lunch is here at Backbone is not always what it seems. Maybe it is because we are kinda spoiled. The bike path is groomed for Nordic skiing. The rodeo grounds turn into an ice rink and just up the road toward Redstone we have world class ice climbing.

G-Dub on the first pillar

Hearing conditions were fat, Greg and I snuck out between conference calls and end of year obligations for a stroll up Avocado gulley – a classic multi-pitch WI 3 climb.

Testing the new Cloudveil Stettner insulated soft shell

Happy Holidays!

Get’em early.

Thanks Mavis and SmartWool!

Happy Holidays from Backbone Media!

Front: Mike, JLD, Lindsay, Sarah, Kara, Hillary. Back: Laura, Fielding, Mavis, Dax, Nate, Ian, Jonathan, Megan, Greg and Penn

Best Wishes for 2010!

Owen Wilson once said, you have to find your inner “ness” which basically just means adding “ness” to your name. And once you find that inner “ness” you can start to throw your 7 Different Kinds of Smoke. Well I don’t know if I have 7, Owen is a tough man to compete with and I’m still young, but I do throw a few kinds of Smoke. I practiced a few on the Teton Crest Trail this weekend with my bro, and and a few friends. The Trail was a little bit like the route they take in Lord of the Rings, except with less sword fights and unfortunately no elves.

DSC00206SPEED HIKING- Although my friends didn’t like it when I was throwing this one out, especially uphill, it felt good.
Oh and the pack on my back is holding a small gnome.


GEAR SELECTION- Check out my new Big Agnes tent (on the left), this thing was like a palace, I could have run hot laps around it.


CAMPSITE SELECTION- This was the view from my tent. I know.. its pretty rad.


HIGH-ALTITUDE NAPPING- This type of skill comes in handy when you arrive at 10,000ft to a ridiculous alpine lake, and 5 hours of downtime. I read Harry Potter, while my partner in crime swam for 30 minutes, which led to mild hypothermia. (notice the down coat).


CHRISTMAS CARD WORTHY PICTURE TAKING- Mom’s gonna love this one. And check out those Cloudveil jackets.


Here we are all throwing our favorite kind of smoke.

Trip rundown:
Wildlife spotted: Black bear, porcupine, deer, marmots lots of marmots, eagles, and crazy Jackson ultra runners.
Menu included specialties like: Mac and cheese, GORP, an Italian pasta and garlic bread feast, Snickers bars, gourmet coffee, and my favorite… poppyseed mini muffins.
Miles traveled: approx 30.
Fights between my brother and I: ZERO

Yes, it is August. School has not even started and the Denver Broncos have played only one meaningless pre-season game. But with the first crisp morning already come and gone and some fall foliage spotted yesterday on a mountain bike ride – ski season is officially here.

Thomas Hodel ripping the BC near Davos

Thomas Hodel ripping the BC near Davos

Need more proof? Bears are wreaking havoc foraging for what promises to be a HUGE winter and all the snow mags are on the newsstand.

Houdini, the Aspen local bear 8/19

Houdini, the Aspen local bear 8/19

And best of all, for kicking your dreams into powder filled visions are films like this one from the POWDERWHORES, titles Flakes.

One of the tenets of our business is that you have to believe in the products you represent.

Summit of Windom

Summit of Windom

So, with new pack technology, single-wall tents and trekking poles coming down the pike – we took off high into the Needle Mountains to test some products and bag some 14ers with our kids.

Girls reading b4 bed

Girls reading b4 bed

Like many things the plan was more complex than it first appeared. Grab a train in Silverton. Hop off in Needleton along the Animas River, hike 8 miles into the wilderness and then climb 3 14ers over 2 days.

Testing trekking poles

Testing trekking poles

How’d it go? Great.

can you spot the climber on the ridge of Sunlight?

Can you spot the climber on the ridge of Sunlight?

The new larger BD packs carry like a dream. The new Nanoshield fabric on the superlight tents were breathable and the kids’ loved their trekking poles.

Keep your friends close and the coffee closer

Keep your friends close and the coffee closer

See you out there!

Summit of Sunlight

Summit of Sunlight

Floated the Roaring Fork on Friday afternoon with Nick Armano (Kara’s husband and former fishing guide) and Pete McBride who was taking photos for an upcoming book on the Colorado River. Pete’s holding the best shots close to his vest for future use, but here are a couple snapshots…

Nice bow just below Carbondale on the Roaring Fork.

Nice bow just below Carbondale on the Roaring Fork.

Nick holding a fat rainbow - Aspen Glen area on the Roaring Fork.

Nick holding a fat rainbow - Aspen Glen area on the Roaring Fork.

Your hard earned tax dollars are being spent to install cameras in the woods, so we can see what bears do when no one is watching.

Like pole dancing.

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